Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baby Animal Days at Brym's Backyard

Shish, Kabab, Gyro, and 24.
It's spring once again and that means baby animals for the Bryms. We have acquired 4 adorable black belly and painted lambs this year and they are growing in leaps and bounds (not to mention leaping and bounding everywhere). Keeping with tradition I got to name three of them and Zack named one. Mine are Shish, Kabob, and Gyro. Zack's is 24 because that is the number on it's ear tag. He's so practical. This is
Zack's "24".
our first year raising lambs long term (we "raised" one for a a month or so last year) and so we are learning all of the ins and outs of raising sheep. As it turns out, it's not too different from raising goats and so luckily we have almost everything we need. This weekend I get to play amateur veterinarian and administer tetanus shots all around. Poor Zack gets to play amateur assistant, which generally involves holding disgruntled animals while I do the easy parts. He also gets to be our amateur livestock wrangler. Han Solo (our border collie mix) is not quite up to the task of corralling all the sheep and goats yet, but he is learning.

In other news, the goats are pregnant and due in May/June.
Pregnant Millie.
"How do you know they are pregnant?" you might ask. Well, first of all, just look at 'em. They are rotund. Second, if you know where to feel, you can feel those little kids moving around inside of them. No ultrasounds for these ladies, just good old fashioned stethoscopes and know-how. Stay tuned, other baby animal news coming soon!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thank You Loyal Customers!!!

We are very fortunate for the strong support we have for our farm from friends around the community. One customer in particular stands out for his excitement about duck eggs. Last year, when we began selling eggs at the Cache Valley Gardener's Market we put a sales promotion on the back of our business card. You earned a free dozen for buying six. The card worked to get return business as we expected,  but very few people continued using the card. This particularly awesome customer did not give up and just earned his second free dozen this week!!! Many thanks to you and those who have supported our farm!

Although we are no longer run this promotion, we are back in spring production. We have both chicken and duck eggs available and will be selling again at the Gardener's Market May 11.