About Us

Maria Brym

Maria specializes in vegetable production and dairy processing, though she is largely responsible for the collection of animals found on the farm. Maria is dedicated to preserving traditional skills lost by the industrialized agriculture model. She is currently enrolled in her second Masters degree at Utah State University in the Food Safety and Quality program. Her education is being funded by her employer, Schreiber Foods, Inc. where she is the production scheduler for plant operations, getting a glimpse at the industrial model. She hopes to use her new educational experiences to move into cheese formulations and quality control. Maria has already begun using her educational background to support the farm. Recently, she successfully developed her first goat milk cheddar cheese and is excited to push forward with hard cheeses. She received her first M.S. in Environmental Justice and Conservation Biology from the University of Michigan. There she was contracted to generate a report for the capacity of Washtenaw County to be sustain a local food system. She is always keen to discuss the merits and trade-offs associated with supporting local agriculture.


Zachary Brym

Zack runs the day-to-day management of the farm and works hard to maintain the facilities. In his spare time, he is a Ph.D. candidate at Utah State University in Biology studying tree architecture in orchard systems. His research seeks to describe the sustainable management of fruit orchards using ecological models that optimize the physiological efficiencies of trees and the economics of horticultural management. He is excited to begin working with growers during the extension component of his research and master the art of fruit tree management. Zack has worked to organize communities around sustainability throughout his college career working with groups like ESA SEEDSClean Water Action, and the Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition.